As said on our blog, whether it’s because of enthusiasm, in a  productivity rush or persistence, we often end up posting identical content in multiple groups or pages at the same exact time. This is the type of behaviour that gets us into trouble. 

Why did Facebook block me?

Reading the Facebook terms we can find that the first cause why it blocks their users is because their behaviour looks like spamming or because they share prohibited content on the site.

Some example of this could be: 

  • Sharing the same information on multiple pages, profiles, events or groups all at once. 
  • Sharing content that has pornography, graphic violence, or that incites terrorism.
  • Publishing posts too fast and without any time delay between them. 
  • Linking the same page frequently (on the posts that you share and/or at the comments that you make).

To avoid penalties and infractions while publishing the same content on multiple pages, Postcron has a special feature to leave a few minutes in between each post automatically.  

 To active this feature you just need to: 

  1. Select more than 1 account to schedule your post.
  2. Create your post.
  3. Type the number of minutes that you want to leave between each post.
  4. Schedule your post

Use this feature and your posts will not be published at the same time and Facebook will not confuse you with a spammer or a bot. 

This will help you avoid being blocked for excess posting. 

You can also do several other things to make sure you won't get blocked. Read them about it here:
10 Essential Tips to Avoid Being Blocked by Facebook and being sent to “Facebook Jai

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