The Content Gallery it’s an additional panel available on the right side of your dashboard (click on the tab to open it) that you can use to get popular content recommendations to share on your social networks.

The aim of the Content Gallery is to help you find interesting posts to entertain your followers on your social accounts.

The features of the Content Gallery are:

 - First of all, it allows you to enter keywords of interest and name specific users to find relevant content associated with individual accounts (for example, influencers) quickly and easily.
 - Postcron’s Content Gallery also allows you to add an RSS feed in order to follow a specific website (for example, your blog). It also lets you search for the best content on Flickr, YouTube, and Pinterest, through a simple search engine panel.
 - It includes a section for Bulk Uploading posts, and now lets you reuse your previously uploaded files to post again to Postcron.

Click here If you want to know more about How to use the Postcron’s Content Gallery to find the best content for your audience.

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