You can also schedule your Instagram posts using Postcron!

For each post you schedule on Instagram you will get a notification in order to confirm the posting.*

These are the steps you must follow:

  1.  Download Postcron's mobile App and log into your Postcron account. Click here to download it on Android // Click here to download it on Apple 
  2. Go to Postcron on your computer and click on the Instagram icon at the top right corner of your screen, to add your Instagram account
  3.  Now, select your Instagram account and schedule a picture to post at any time in the future. 
  4. When the day and time comes you will get a notification on your Smartphone, so you can confirm and finish publishing. 
  5. Done! Your photo has been published!

    You can also check this tutorial on How to schedule Instagram posts (step by step) or watch this video: 

(*)  Postcron is a tool validated by Instagram and as such, we must abide by their terms and conditions, one of them is that the external App can't publish automatically on the social network.

Note: Schedule posts on Instagram accounts is a Premium feature on Postcron. If you have a free account, check out or Premium Plans on our Pricing page.

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