are extremely useful in a variety of ways. Since this technique started to be applied, the most common use has been to protect the copyright of photos and images. We talk a lot about this in our blog article. 

How to add Watermarks to my photos?

  • Go to the My Account menu
  • Click on Social Accounts 
  • Select the option Watermark on the social account that you want to add it to
  • Upload your watermark
  • Edit the size, location and transparency of the image.

Note: If you wish to use it with all your images make sure to select the option to "...apply this watermark by default. "

Then, on the Publisher, after having added the image(s) for your post, select the option Active and Postcron will automatically add it to your images. To deactivate it, you will only have to change the status to Inactive.

If you need any help, make sure to watch this video:

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