To set up your Time Zone or change the one you have previously selected, follow these steps:

  1. Click on My Account menu, on the upper menu of your Postcron account. 
  2. Then, select Account Settings” 
  3. You will see the Your Time Zone option where you can choose the time zone of your preference. 
  4. Click Save changes.

Note: Under the select time zone menu, there is a line where says: The current time is xx/xx/xxx xx:xx:xx AM/PM. Keep in mind that the day and the time displayed there must be the current day and time in your city. 

If the day and time that you see there don't match with the current day and time in your city, you need to change the selected time zone until you find one that matches your current location. Each time you change the time zone, remember to save the changes ;)

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