At Postcron you can have a free account as long as you want. When you log in on Postcron the first time, you are creating your free account automatically.

On the free version of Postcron for Social Media, you can:

  1. Add and manage up 6 social accounts. Each Facebook profile, page, group and event, Twitter account, Google Plus page, LinkedIn account, Instagram account and Pinterest board, is considered a social account on Postcron.
  2. You can have up 10 pending posts. This means that you can schedule up 10 posts and once they are being published, you can schedule 10 more, and so on.
  3. You can schedule posts with text, emoticons, images and/or links.
  4. You can setup and use the predefined published times.
  5. You can connect your account in order to follow the statistics of the links that you share through Postcron.
  6. You can republish and multiply your scheduled posts.
  7. You can review your scheduled and published posts (up to 10 days to the past) and your scheduled future posts.
  8. You can delete scheduled posts or save them as a draft.
  9. You can refresh the accounts that you added to your dashboard as many times as you want. Take a look at this article to know more about it.
  10. You can create groups of accounts.
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